Have You Ever Had a Break in Life?

Maybe TODAY you, a friend or a family member will get a BREAK!

According to CNN Money, ABC News and The New York Times, there may be as much as $41 Billion being held by the various states.  

This amount represents:  Forgotten bank accounts, Uncashed checks & money orders, Forgotten tax refunds, CD’s and trust funds, Utility deposits –  The list goes on and on!

There is a 99% chance that you or a friend or family member will have some of these funds.  Once you find the property all you have to do is file with the State to get the money returned.

  1. Be sure to click on all states where you have lived or done business.
  2. Follow the specific directions on each state website and submit your claim form.
  3. Follow up with the state if you don’t hear back within a couple of weeks.

There is NO COST to find out if you or an associate have these monies being held by a State.  You are welcome to use this site free as often as you would like.  Tell your family and friends and invite them to find out for themselves. NEVER PAY FOR NEWSLETTERS, BOOKS,OR ANYTHING ELSE TO HELP YOU OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION AND CLAIM YOUR PROPERTY. This site is FREE because of the generosity of our wonderful sponsors.  Please use their services and products.